A. Air Dryer Attachment Aprons  
B. Bagging Machines Bags: Cutwork Bags: Garment Poly
Bags: Piece Goods Bags: Supermax Bags: Supralene
Bags: Transportation Ball Point Marketing Pen Barbs: Dennison
Barbs: Tach-It Blueline, Sensitized Copy paper Boxes, Corrugated
C. Cable Ties Carbon Paper Rolls Care Label Processing
Care labels, Unprinted Cartons, Wardrobe CertiSpec Products: #404 Plastisol Remover
CertiSpec Products: #101Spot Cleaning Fluid CertiSpec Products: Collar Bands CertiSpec Products: E-Z Mark Marking Paper
CertiSpec Products: Garment Clips CertiSpec Products: Marking Paper CertiSpec Products: Sensiblue
CertiSpec Products: Silicone Lubricant CertiSpec Products: Speedilube CertiSpec Products: Spot Remover
Cleaning Fluid Clips, Metal Garment Clips, Plastic Garment
Collapsible Garment Racks Collar Bands Collar/Shoulder Protectors
Colored Pattern Paper Connectors, Hanger Corrugated Cartons and Related Products
Corrugated Wardrobe Cartons Cotton Twine Covers: Foam Hanger
Cutwork Bags
D. Damage Tape Dennison: Tagging Needles Dennison: Tagging Guns
Dennison: Tagging Barbs Diazit-P Filters Diazo Developing Solution
Direct Feed Conversion Kit: Spot Cleaning Guns Dispensers: Paper Cutters Display Hangers
Dividers, Size    
E. E-Z Mark Marking Paper End Plugs Extractor Systems
Extractor Work Stations    
F. Filters, Diazit-P Foam – Custom  Foam: Hanger Covers
G. Garment Clips Garment Poly Bags Garment Poly Dispensing Racks
Garment Racks, Collapsible Gloves, Disposable Latex Gloves, Mesh
Greenback Pattern Paper Gun Balancer: Spot Cleaning Guns: Dennison Tagging
Guns: Electric Tagging Guns: Spot Cleaning Guns: Tagging
Guns: Tach-It Tagging    
H. Hanger Attachments, Foam Hanger Connectors Hanger Covers
Hangers, Plastic Display Hangers, Plastic Shipping Hangers, Vendor Programs
Hangers, Steel Hangers, VICS Program Hangers, Wood
Hooks: Pattern Hooks: Tach-It
K. King Size Markers Kraft Paper: Perforated Kraft Paper: Underlay
Kraft Paper: Waxed    
L. Label: Processer, PAL Labels: Care Labels: Hang Tags
Labels: Woven & Printed Latex Gloves, Disposable Lube, Rail
M. Manila Pattern Paper Markers, King Size Marking Paper
Marking Pens, Bold Point Masking Tape, Creped Mesh Gloves
Metal Garment Clips    
N. Needles: Dennison Tagging Needles: Tach-It Tagging  
P. PAL Label Processors Paper: Carbon Rolls Paper: Colored Pattern
Paper: Cutters (Dispensers) Paper: Greenback Pattern Paper: Kraft
Paper: Manila Pattern Paper: Marking Paper: Plotting
Paper: Sensitized Copy Paper: Waxed Kraft Pattern Hooks (with cords)
Pattern Paper: Manila Pattern Paper: Colored Perforated Kraft Underlay
Permaplast Piece Goods Bags Pins, Safety
Plastic: Display Hangers Plastic: Garment Clips Plastic: Shipping Hangers
Plastic: Tie-Backs Plastisol Remover Plotting Paper
Poly Overlay Polyethylene: Garment Bags Polyethylene: Tubing
Polyethylene: Twine  Protectors, Collar/Shoulder  
R. Racks: Collapsible Garment Racks: Garment Dispensing Rail Lube
Rail Wax Paste    
S. Safety Pins Security: Loops Security: Ties
Sensitized Copy Paper/Blueline Separating Tissue Shoulder Protectors
Silicone Lubricant Aerosol & Liquid Sisal Twine Size Dividers
Speedilube (Rail Lube) Spot Cleaning Fluid, CertiSpec Spot Cleaning Guns
Spot/Soil Remover Steel Hangers Supermax Cutwork Bags
Supralene Cutwork Bags Support Pole and Gun Balancer (Spot Cleaning)  System Extractor
T. Tach-It: Barbs Tach-It: Tagging Guns Tach-It: Hooks
Tach-It: Needles Tagging Guns, Dennison, Tach-It Tape: Damage
Tape: Masking Tie-Backs Ties: Cable
Ties: Security Tissue: Separating Transportation Bags
Tubing: Polythylene Twine: Cotton Twine: Polypropylene 
Twine: Sisal    
U. Underlay Paper, Kraft    
V. Vendor Program Hangers Vinyl Zipper Bags
W. Wardrobe Cartons Wax, Rail (Paste) Waxed Kraft Paper
White Marking Paper Wooden Hangers Work Station Extractor
Z. Zippered Garment Covers